Your vital healthcare information stored under your unique digital health ID. Owned by you, verified by your family physician and you choose who views it! Much like a passport for health. No matter where you are in the world, sharing your health profile is a breeze! You can add family members or dependents and ensure their well-being too.

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A physician’s has to find a balance between adopting new technology for the benefit of the patients, while being mindful of their rights. We help you maintain your peace of mind by enabling simple, concise health information sharing for improved patient outcomes, reduced liability and more reliable decision-making

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As a healthcare company all your actions and goals are centred around patient well-being. We help you simplify HIE through a secure, digital health ID that is unique to each patient. Our secure view-only access to the patient health information, not only improves patient/physician satisfaction with your company, but also improves trust, loyalty and long-term hassle-free relationship with them. Improved patient outcomes and stress-free physicians are drivers of your success, and we want to participate with you in value cocreation of sustainable personalized care. 

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As virtual and in-person care blend into one, improved patient outcome becomes a shared responsibility. Annually, misdiagnosis and complications related to incomplete medical history causes a loss of 20 million DALYs and billions of dollars. We hope to reduce this burden with a secure, encrypted digital health ID. This unique patient health ID can be used to share vital health information with the attending physician, thereby preventing adverse outcomes. We also help coordinate care and claims to streamline the process for you.

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