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  • Why do we need a digital health ID?
    Digitization, decentralization and democratisation have been the key steps of technological advances in any field. Healthcare has reached digitization since several years, and with Atom Health we are enabling the democratization and decentralisation of the digitized data.
  • Our doctor has all the health data they need and so do we as patients,do we really need Atom Health?"
    Each doctor in your care process has all the healthcare data generated by him/her. As a patient you may have some access to this information. However, each physician who acts as your caregiver at any point in time, can work in your best interest only when he/she has access to all your vital health information.
  • I wear FitBit/or other health monitoring device, isn't that enough for the doctor?"
    FitBit or other devices can monitor your realtime vitals. But your doctor can make sense of this data only when he/she has the background about your medical history, family history, etc.
  • There are repositories that collect all my medical records in one place. How is Atom Health different?
    These repositories collect all the medical records in one place, but at the time of providing care, a doctor has very limited time to browse through all those pages of notes, to come to correct diagnosis and management. Atom Health is an extremely concise health information, that carries the most vital health information that any physician can review at the time of providing care, thereby ensuring good patient outcomes.
  • Who owns my data?
    Physicians are the custodians of all your healthcare information, according to law. Atom Health is decentralized platform, so every "Atom" created by you is owned by you, verified by your family doctor and can be shared with physicians/caregivers/medical insurance companies upon your discretion.
  • How many "Atoms" can I create?"
    You can create an ATOM for each individual in your family. You can group them under family, and thereby have access to 'Atoms" that belong to your dependents- children, senior parents, etc.
  • How do I share my health info with the attending physician?
    If you're using a telemedicine consult, you can share a "view only" access to your Atom, through a code shared with the consulting physician. Two-factor authentication and one-time-view-only access prevents misuse of data. If you are at a walk-in clinic or emergency, you can use the same, two-factor authentication to share the data with the attending physician.
  • Are you HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant?
    Yes, We are HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIA compliant.
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